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Supported by the Lawrence E. White Family Foundation, the AOK Scholars Program provides coaching and resources to support undergraduate college students or students pursuing a technical degree/certification. We know that with the proper support along their post-secondary education journey, hardworking students–who have already overcome challenges such as homelessness or aging out of foster care–can meet any goal they set their hearts and minds to.

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Goal Setting

Students will receive monthly coaching with our dedicated AOK Specialists to discuss academic progress, budget and financial needs.

Financial Resources

Although the AOK Program is not a scholarship, participants may receive needs-based funding to overcome barriers in their journey to graduation.

Success Incentives

Opportunities for incentives based on good grades, completion of a degree or certification and successful completion of the AOK program.

AOK Socials

AOK socials are an opportunity for Scholars and AOK Specialists to get better acquainted with one another through fun activities such as bowling and gaming. Our socials encourage peer-to-peer interaction, promote healthy social skills, and provide a forum to voice concerns, ask questions, make suggestions, and celebrate success stories.

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