AOK Scholars provides
coaching and
financial support
for those pursuing post-secondary education

“We are keen on success and believe that education is an important part of becoming successful. AOK was established to help those youth attending college who are most likely to succeed, if helped. We are proud of these Scholars and the success they are achieving as part of our program.”

Dr. Lawrence E. White,
Namesake & Founder
The Lawrence E. White Family Foundation


Who are most likely to succeed if helped? This is the question that the nonprofit organization Lawrence E. White Family Foundation hoped to answer when it was founded in 2002. At the core of our work is a belief that individuals who have persevered through extraordinary life challenges can become the leaders of tomorrow with the right support and guidance.

Partnering with many community-minded organizations to fulfill our mission, LEWFF’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals, foster success, and change lives. The Foundation aims to support college students, amateur wrestlers, and veterans through a variety of outreach programs.

In 2013 LEWFF created the AOK Scholars Program to specifically support students who have aged out of foster care, and later expanded to include those students experiencing homelessness.

Program Overview

Our AOK Specialists

AOK Scholars has a team of dedicated staff who provide coaching and financial support to help remove barriers to graduation.

Sophia Weng

Sophia was raised in Brooklyn and now calls Orlando home. She earned her bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Seminole State College with a minor in English Language Arts and specializations in ESOL and Special Education. With a career spanning over a decade, Sophia has enriched the lives of students in both public and private educational settings. Her deep-seated passion for education and holistic approach to teaching go far beyond the classroom walls. At AOK, Sophia is committed to equipping Scholars with practical tools and life skills they'll need for a successful journey through higher education. When she's not making a transformative impact in the academic sphere, Sophia cherishes quality time with her husband and their three wonderful children. As a woman of many talents, she also runs her own business. Whether she's working with students at AOK or clients in her business, Sophia thrives on elevating those around her to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Taylor Gibson

Born in Port St. Lucie, Florida, but seasoned by a globe-spanning upbringing in a military family, Taylor brings a diverse worldview to [Your Company's Name]. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida State University and is currently pursuing a Master's in Educational Policy and Evolution, aiming to be a driving force in helping college students succeed in higher education. When not immersed in academic pursuits, Taylor is an adventurer at heart, cherishing travels and adventurous activities with family and friends. Her blend of academic ambition and zest for life make her a dynamic addition to our team.

Kelsey Bartley

Shaped by a globe-trotting upbringing in a military family, Kelsey brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to her role as the Program Supervisor of the AOK Scholars Program. An alumnus of Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Management with a focus on nonprofit administration and fundraising. Before joining us, Kelsey made her mark as a consultant in organizational management and strategic planning, honing her holistic approach to maximizing potential. When she's not steering the program toward new heights, Kelsey is an avid adventurer, enjoying world travel and culinary exploration, all while cherishing time spent with her family.

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