Julia S

Julia S says that she chose to turn her “stumbling blocks into stepping stones” after facing the challenges that come with growing up in foster care. Julia graduated from Florida State in 2016 at the age of 22. She attributes AOK with supporting, inspiring and motivating her to achieve her goals. “When you’re trying your best to be self-motivated and determined to become a better you, it is more than reassuring to know you have a safety net to fall back on. AOK has provided me with a family, mentors, funding, and all around support for me to turn my dreams into reality.”

Tien H

Tien H has received a degree in Public Relations and plans to help small companies, artists and publishers promote and manage their services. Eventually, Tien wants to own her own public relations firm, which would allow her to travel and taste the many cuisines that the world has to offer. Tien remains adamant that she would love to help any other student in the program meet the same graduation goal that the AOK team helped her achieve. “I am just so honored to have finally made it this far-and I really could not have done it without AOK and CBC.”

Christine J

Christine J recently graduated with her associate’s degree and will continue with her bachelor’s degree at UCF this spring, with the ultimate goal of serving her community as a social worker. Christine has shown herself to be a resilient young woman and continues to develop the skills that have already helped her succeed. We are proud of you, Christine, and we appreciate the opportunity to support you in your endeavors.

Amanda O

Amanda O is a talented artist who has recently graduated with her certificate in Web and Graphic Design. Amanda was also recognized recently with a prestigious award from the Foundation for Foster Children. A hard worker, Amanda plans to continue towards her bachelor’s degree with the goal of being able to further serve her community upon completion. The AOK Scholarship Program has enjoyed the opportunity to help Amanda achieve her goals and looks forward to seeing her continue to succeed. We are proud of you, Amanda–way to go!

Andrew T

Andrew T has been an active model member of the community, involved as an advocate and mentor for foster youth and speaking to organizations around the Orlando area about his experiences and overcoming obstacles. Andrew has shown himself to be an excellent student and just graduated with a degree in Automotive Service Technology. The AOK Scholarship Program is thankful to have had the pleasure of helping Andrew with this achievement. We are proud of you, Andrew, and we appreciate your hard work and dedication!